Shipping by sea from china


Sea freight, also called ocean freight, is the main shipping method for global export & import business because of its low prices, large volumes, including FCL or LCL options. All these advantages make delivery by sea a first choice for most international trade. This is the right solution for larger shipments when time is not crucial, but volume and budget are an issue.

When it comes to shipping from China or Hong Kong, FIC Logistics has been proud in this freight forwarding industry and specializes in providing ocean cargo services for small and medium companies as well as individuals all over the world.

What FIC Logistics Can Do for YOU?

FIC Logistics are your expert with comprehensive transportation services for your cargo delivered to worldwide destinations. We specialize in transportation management services for manufacturing companies, wholesalers, distributors and online sellers that receive products Shipping by sea from china or Hong Kong.

Our Mission is always taking care of our customers and offering them worry-free forwarding service with competitive rates.

1. Our honorable partnerships with carriers is a direct result of our ability of real-time monitoring of ship owners and port dynamics to avoid possible risks such as lacking in containers at departure ports, port congestion.

2. As a local forwarding broker, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the most reliable and effective service, including immediate, competitive cost, detailed booking information and accurate documentation.
3. Special services will be provided for special requests, such as from staying away from the engine, damp-proof, and placement under the deck.

4. Conveniently track online and pre-alert email updates when anything changed

Shipment Type – FCL/LCL

If you’re intending to ship a large amount of imported goods regularly, then it would be worth looking at FCL, as it enjoys greater economies of scale; If your shipment is relatively small, stick to LCL.


FCL, full container load, which means your goods loading into a full container. You buy large quantity, and the freight cost per unit will be less. It’s from CY (container yard) to CY.

Container Technical Specifications






LCL, less than container load, which means your goods and other importers’ goods consolidating together from the same loading port to the same destination port. You buy the just right quantity suitable for your specific target market. It’s from CFS (container freight station) to CFS.
Please note the minimum billable weight/volume for LCL is 1 cbm or 1 ton.

FIC Logistics’ Suggestion

You can choose FCL or LCL as you like. But there’s a basic rule you should follow.

    If 1cbm~8cbm, choose LCL;
    If 8cbm~15cbm, choose FCL or LCL based on practical situation;
    If over 15cbm, choose FCL without any hesitation.

If you need our assist on this, or want to get a competitive quote for your FCL or LCL shipment, please feel free to let us know.

Track and Trace Your Shipment

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Why You Choose Us

We have rich experiences in Logistics and excellent services.
We also offer the best shipping service and the best solution that suited to your budget and requirements.
Above all we have strong local (China) strengths: good relationship with the shipping companies, with the customs,
with the warehouses and flexible operation for special shipments, etc.