Supplier Evaluation

FIC Logistics spares no effort in order to protect your trade security. The results you inquiry here fully explain the strength and background of FIC. China factory audit, HK company audit, the data come from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China, the State Intellectual Property Office, the Chinese Trademark Office and other national authorities.


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FIC Logistics customer service staff received a VIP customer's urgent investigation request On February 15, 2016, asking us to investigate the enterprise information of a Chinese supplier (A). We completed the investigation in two business days and sent the results to the customer, who was very shocked and thought it was fortunate to have the said enterprise investigated, or else it would fell into a very passive position and lose a lot of money. The VIP customer was going to pay the advance money to this supplier (A) and establish cooperation. It was found that Supplier A was closely linked with the Supplier B (see the following picture), with which the VIP customer had a lot of economic disputes.


This is the case: The customer had been working with a supplier B in Ningbo, China for two years before 2016 and it produced mascots and accessories for the said customer. According to the contract signed by the two parties, before production of each batch of products, the customer would pay a deposit of 40% to supplier (B). The final order was two containers of goods. The customer did not receive the sample sent from supplier B until and goods were produced, packaged and shipped because it was on a holiday. The customer, upon the receipt of the goods, found that the mascots were of the wrong color, so the customer immediately called supplier B to return and remake the goods. However, supplier would like to offer a discount of 30% for the finished goods as it discovered that the returning and remaking cost could account for 60% of the residual payment. The customer rejected and pointed out that the goods would not be saleable. The two parties failed to reach a consensus and the goods were abandoned and then auctioned by the customs later. Supplier B did not refund the customer's deposit.

The customer received another promotion email from another supplier, namely supplier A in Ningbo two months after the incident. Its products and prices were very attractive and the customer did not find any problems in a site visit, so it was ready to establish cooperation and pay the deposit. Fortunately, the customer learned lessons from the previous mistake and was very cautious, they asked us to investigate this supplier A since we provide free invetigations for VIP customers.

Based on our investigation results, the customer called supplier A and asked about its relationship with supplier B, the person in charge had to hang up the phone as he found that it was impossible to justify himself. According to customer’s speculation, suppliers B deliberately entrusted supplier A to take the initiative to contact the customer, deliberately lower prices to attract customers, intending to cheat the customer of the deposit to make up for their losses.

Throughout the incident, supplier B did not admit their mistakes and bear the corresponding responsibility of returning the deposit and they held a grudge and attempted to revenge, such behavior was very unethical, and such suppliers should also be punished. We are here to appeal to all Chinese suppliers to operate in good faith and to take responsibility instead of discrediting made in China and the Chinese people lose.

  • What are our advantages compared with your counterparts?
    1. China company verification: FIC Logistics can verify suppliers, ensure trade security, and avoid trade fraud.

    2. China port & customs inquiry: This can eliminate the information postponement and fault between suppliers, ports, customs and logistics, so that all your processes will become transparent and controllable as never before.

    3. Warehouse data information services: real-time inquiry and accessibility to information of warehoused goods.

    4. Integrated customs clearance control service: Handles all kinds of customs clearance and customs clearing, addresses complicate problems such as multi-suppliers and names of goods that cannot be handled by generally designated freight forwarders.

    5. All-around QC auxiliary services: keeps customers abreast of production process of goods, ensures quality of goods and faithful delivery.

  • Why are we so confident that you have never met a comprehensive China shipping forwarder like FIC Logistics before?
    Because we found in our long-term business process that the service concept of existing logistic companies, no matter how large the scale is, is limited to the level of transportation only. However, what you need for your business is more than that. What you want is to have such a person or a company in China which can help you link the entire trade and logistics links, integrate all the resources and information, and seamlessly integrate all aspects, so as to eliminate the information postponement and fault, and then make your trade and logistics more secure and rapid. FIC Logistics is convinced that in today's information age, a huge gap exists between international trade and logistics service, which is still in the very primitive stage, so this situation must be changed!
  • Why You Should Find a Local Forwarder in China?

    1. China shipping forwarder can provide personalized service for you. Without the intermediate links, customer attention is higher than the forwarder in your country.

    2. China shipping forwarder can provide more efficient and flexible service for you. Without the intermediate links, you will greatly improve the operational efficiency.

    3. China shipping forwarder can provide more convenient service for you. Without the intermediate links, the communication will be more smoothly.

    4. China shipping forwarder can provide the cheaper price for you. Without the intermediate links, no middlemen to earn price difference, you will greatly reduce your cost of shipment.

  • Why customer attention is higher when you choose to direct cooperation with China shipping forwarder?
    Because China shipping forwarder provide personalized service for you, to offer you a one-on-one customer service, they can empathize with your daily stresses as you are not just a number for them and can pay more attention to your problems and come up with a solution quickly. 
    And in China's freight forwarding market, the priority and resources given to direct foreign customers and foreign freight forwarders are completely different, and there is a very clear distinction. For example, during the peak season, direct foreign customers have priority and their orders are often handled by the most experienced service personnel; in the event of special circumstances, Chinese freight forwarders will also tend to give priority to orders from direct foreign customers.
  • Why the service will be more efficient and flexible when you choose to direct cooperation with China shipping forwarder?
    There are a lot of paperwork and administration, logistics, timings, time differences, currency, language barriers and strict import, export and customs procedures to take into consideration. And every country will have different regulations that have to be fully understood and satisfied by the international freight provider to guarantee safe and speedy delivery of goods. China shipping forwarder have many more choices in selecting the best routing, carrier, price combination. They also can more easily adapt and change their operations to secure directly towards you – the importer.
    The likelihood that an independent does everything in their power to resolve an issue is much higher than a multinational, which probably faces too many problems in an attempt to help you with a sense of urgency. Especially in case of customs clearance when you make a purchase from more than one suppliers or sensitive goods are involved, the customs declaration process becomes very complex and cumbersome because foreign freight forwarders do not have the declaration qualification and the local freight forwarder are unwilling to assume the corresponding risk, instead, they choose to shirk responsibility, which finally waste a lot of time and money, and result in unnecessary losses. 
  • Why the price will be cheaper when you choose to direct cooperation with China shipping forwarder?
    Cheaper will be the most important reason as the same as you choose products in China. The lower labor cost, lower exchange rate, lower expenses and other factors, make China shipping forwarders’ charge much more competitive, not only the shipping rates, but also other handling expenses.
    The situation here permits them to work out the best pricing on the basis of your specific logistics demands. And this translates to bigger profit margins for purchase makers, or can be able to sell at more competitive prices.
    Please be noted that most international freight forwarders with operations in China will resort to a local logistics or forwarding company because of their lower costs and local knowledge, which implies the shipping agents in your country cannot handle China shipments directly.
  • Why the communication will be more smoothly when you choose to direct cooperation with China shipping forwarder?
    It’s really essential for China shipping forwarder adjusting their operations quickly to better suit your needs and also offer flexibility in how to handle your shipments.
    As a buyer, when imports from China, finding a shipping forwarder nearby or in your country is much easier, you think it more reliable and more convenient to communicate with them, and actually most people have this idea. Yes , it’s true. But this is not smart and wise. Because in China they have no office, if any, they do not have the advantages a China shipping forwarder has. In most cases, the forwarder you choose pass your shipment to a China shipping forwarder, so they do nothing and earn you extra money. Maybe you would like to spend more money to buy your convenience. However, in many cases, it may affect other more important aspects. Actually if you choose a forwarder in your country, information feedback will not be timely, many inconveniences will be caused and that might even lead to irreparable damage because of intermediate links, poor communication and misunderstanding.