OOG Logistics

OOG (OUT OF GAUGE) is short for over-size containers or over-standard containers and it is mainly divided into Open Top Container, Flat Rack Container, Reefer Container, Dress Hanger Container, and Tank Container. Applicable goods mainly include large machinery products, large apparatus equipment, metal pipes, glass, woods and other goods not suitable for manual loading and unloading.

However, not all China shipping forwarders have the ability and experience to deal with Out Of Gauge cargo shipping, many customers that do not have the expertise, choose to entrust the goods to non-professional shipping forwarders which results in adverse consequences and irreparable damage. That is why you need FIC Logistics, our China OOG cargo team has many years of practical experience, strictly controls every detail, can effectively prevent and control all kinds of potential risks, and design and provide the safest, most efficient and most cost-effective international logistics solutions for customers.

OOG operation precautions:

1. Package, fixation, waterproofness of goods before shipment

2. Loading, strapping, reinforcement, support, balanced placement, stability of center of gravity shall be ensured for loading. Remember to confirm the limit of height of the road. 

3. Cushions shall be provided between flat-rack containers, binding wire ropes and wooden cases. 

4. Provide cargo loading diagram / loading plan before loading.

5. Confirm whether the port of origin and the destination port are operable the port equipment are reliable. Port equipment mainly refers to the wharf cranes, reducers, clutches, brakes, rope drums and rope load capacity.

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