Personal cargo

Have you ever encountered such situation, you have purchased some personal items from China, but you have no idea about how the delivery? International express is highly priced, you may resort to sea or air transportation, but you know little about customs declaration and customs clearance, and ultimately you have to entrust it to a trading company, which results in complex links, poor communication, high cost, and longtime consumption.

FIC has spotted this growing market and established a special department for to provide one-stop services to those customers. We have filed the right to import and export in the company's name, so we can operate declarations for import and export of personal items, and we are familiar with the private goods operation methods of major carriers and airlines, while our professional customer service staff can provide you with better programs, help you simplify processes, save time and money. With real-time information updates, you will be kept abreast of dynamics of goods. You will be highly impressed with FIC's intimate services.

Since the establishment of the department, we have successfully handled the import of many special items including furniture, yachts, statues, and villas, and maintained a zero error rate.

Why You Choose Us

We have rich experiences in Logistics and excellent services.
We also offer the best shipping service and the best solution that suited to your budget and requirements.
Above all we have strong local (China) strengths: good relationship with the shipping companies, with the customs,
with the warehouses and flexible operation for special shipments, etc.