• Sep 11, 2018 Trade

    About re-export third-party transportation business

    Specializes in re-exports third-party transport (third-country trade quotas) business, according to the requirements of the guests , we entirety provide exports of goods transport , logistics operations and related technical processes. Shenzhen Sunpower Logistics Co., Ltd. has cooperation with local factories in Indonesia, Bangladesh Gala, Myanmar, Malaysia and South Korea, offering appropriate support services for customers and provide original certificate issued by the Some

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  • Aug 22, 2018 Trade

    Be Careful of Trade Frauds in China

    We have to be extremely careful in international trade because there are too many frauds. Sometimes, we purchase through some e-business platforms or trade platforms, which tend to have a low threshold and not strictly audited. In China, to register a shell company cost is simple and does not cost much. There are lawless persons who take advantage of those bugs and spend a few hundred dollars to register a company, and then release the information with a very attractive price

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  • Aug 22, 2018 Trade

    Easily Overlooked but Very Important Details in Trades with China

    Maybe all counterparts have experienced such a problem when they trade in China:FIRST. Sometimes we use FOB term as agreed with the manufacturer, due to delivery problems, the manufacturer will be fined in case of delay in delivery. But in the actual case, the factory often uses the bugs of FOB term and delivers the cargo at the terminal to complete the transaction. In case of delayed delivery, they say the daily is caused by customs inspections, which makes you unable to inv

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  • Nov 01, 2018 Trade


    FREIGHT FORWARDERS ARE RAISING THE ALARM ABOUT THE INCREASING DEMURRAGE AND DETENTION FEES CARRIERS ARE CHARGING TO MAXIMIZE THEIR PROFITS.Demurrage refers to a charge that a merchant pays for a container that sits at a terminal without being picked up by a trucker. In the case of demurrage, the terminal incurs extra costs from acting as a storage yard. In detention, however, ocean carriers lose the opportunity to return their containers for other shippers needing to move fre

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