• Aug 22, 2018 Freight Forwarder

    How to choose a freight forwarder when you trade with China

    When our international buyers purchase products from around the world, they have to choose a freight forwarder when it comes to transportation. Although it does not seem very important, if handled properly, it will cause some problems, so we have to be very careful. When we choose FOB, the transportation will be arranged by us and the cargo rights are in our hands. In case of CIF, the transportation is arranged by the factory, and the cargo rights are also in their hands. Whe

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  • Dec 16, 2019 Freight Forwarder

    Challenges facing the international air freight shipping china

    The prosperity of the global air freight shipping china depends on the free movement of people and trade. No one can benefit from trade frictions, protectionist policies and isolationist policies. A more inclusive globalization is the way forward for the world. The International Air Transport Association believes that the global air transport industry will continue to be profitable this year, reaching 10 consecutive years of profitability, but under the influence of many cha

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