What are the characteristics of Air Freight Shipping?

Air Freight Shipping

1. Rapidness. 

The current use of turboprops and jet civil aircraft has a speed of 20 to 1 million meters per hour and a continuous range of more than 10,000 kilometers. It is the fastest transportation vehicle in the world, which is 20 to 30 times faster than the sea-going. 5 to 10 times faster than the train, 7 to 15 times faster than the car. As the times progress, the value of time increases. In contemporary society, flying is no longer a pleasure and a luxury, but a necessity for work and life. Using aviation to save time, the social value created is hard to estimate. Due to the increasing public demand for air transport in the modern society, the speed of air transport is the highest among all modes of transport.

2. Mobility. 

As long as there is an airport and necessary communication and navigation facilities between the two places, the route can be opened without being blocked by mountains, rivers, deserts and oceans. Therefore, the transportation distance is shorter than other modes of transportation, and the route and model can be adjusted in time according to the size of the passenger and freight volume and the change of flow direction. Whether for political, military or economic reasons, it is required to establish a communication line from the central to the remote areas in a short period of time, only aviation can do it. For example, the transportation of materials in the disaster areas, the medical emergency in the backcountry, and the logistics support of the offshore oil fields are not aviation.

3. Paramilitary. 

Due to the rapidity and mobility of air transport, and the potential role of civil aviation-owned air and ground crews in military transport, governments have regarded civil aviation as a paramilitary sector. In the event of a war or emergency, the military department may levy civilian facilities and personnel in accordance with the relevant regulations until the civil aviation is fully under the command of the military.

4. Safety and comfort. 

The flying height of the jet transport aircraft is generally about 10,000 meters, which is not affected by the low air flow, and the flight is smooth and comfortable. The wide-body passenger aircraft that appeared in the 1970s has a spacious cabin, low noise, and entertainment and catering equipment in the machine, which greatly improves the comfort level. Statistics show that the safety of air transportation is higher than that of railways and sea transportation, and higher than road transportation. With the development of aerospace technology and the improvement of maintenance technology and air traffic control facilities, the safety of air transportation is increasing. According to ICAO statistics, the world's civil aviation regular flight crashes, the highest is 1966 deaths per capita of 0.44 people, has dropped to 0.04 in recent years.

5. International.

 Air transport has an international character from the beginning. In the 1980s, with the development of interdependence and cooperation between the world's air transport and the establishment of multinational airlines, the characteristics of internationalization of air transport became more apparent. The purpose of internationalization is to enable any passenger, one ton of goods or mail to be transported to another place at any time, conveniently, safely, economically and reliably from anywhere in the world. This is the international exchange of air transport and Human civilization is an irreplaceable contribution to other modes of transportation.

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