4 characteristics of Sea Freight

Sea Freight is a kind of transportation of many goods. Because of the unpredictable risks at sea, it needs to be prepared in advance; in general, it is known that there is danger, why the use of marine cargo transportation may be related to the characteristics of marine cargo transportation. The content is as follows:

Sea Freight characteristics:

1. Large volume of Sea Freight

(1) International cargo transportation is the exchange of goods around the world. Geographical location and geographical conditions determine that marine cargo transportation is the main means of international Sea Freight .

(2) More than 75% of the total volume of international trade is carried out by means of marine transportation. In some countries, foreign trade and transportation account for more than 90% of the volume of transportation.

(3) The main reason is that the ship is developing to a large scale, such as a giant oil tanker of 500,000 to 700,000 tons, a bulk ship of 160,000 to 170,000 tons, and a large-scale container ship. The carrying capacity of the ship is far greater than that of trains and cars. And the aircraft is the most transportable vehicle.

2.The ability of Sea Freight to pass

Sea Freight uses natural waterways in all directions. Unlike trains and cars, which are subject to orbits and roads, their passing capacity exceeds that of other modes of transportation. If the political, economic, military and other conditions change, it is also possible to change the route to the destination port that is conducive to loading and unloading.

3.Sea Freight is cheap

(1) The natural structure of the ship's navigation channel, the ship's transportation capacity is large, the port equipment is generally built by the government, the ship is durable and saves fuel, so the unit transportation cost of the goods is relatively low.

(2) According to statistics, sea freight is generally about 1/5 of railway freight, 1/10 of highway freight, and 1/30 of air freight, which provides favorable conditions for the transportation of low-value bulk cargo.

4. Marine cargo has strong adaptability to goods.

Due to the above characteristics, the transportation of marine cargo is basically adapted to the transportation of various goods, such as oil wells, trains, rolling stock and other super-significant goods. Other modes of transportation cannot be shipped, and ships can generally be shipped.

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