The rapid development of the internet influences the way of thinking and behavior of people around the world. Correspondingly, the rapid expansion of e-business giants around the world impacts on the patterns and habits of purchase of people around the world. In recent years, FIC Logistics gradually find that the purchase of foreign countries from China has been increasingly fragmented and block trades have reduced. In contrast, procurement achieved through a cross-border electronic business platform has increased and gradually become routine. The reason is in fact very simple, commercial activities have to be in pursuit of profit maximization. The traditional way of trade involves importers, wholesalers and other interested parties, resulting in very high prices of goods. And now with the popularization of e-business and the increasingly developed logistics system in China, foreign retailers choose to make purchase directly from China through electronic business sourcing platforms, which can save a variety of interconnections, significantly saving costs and maximizing profits.

This is a very large market and also a huge challenge for China's logistics industry. The biggest difficulty of means of purchase like this is that the warehousing, cargo consolidation and customs clearance for exportations. These goods are basically from many suppliers and involve a very large variety of goods, many goods contain batteries and liquids and other sensitive items, and the packaging of goods of is highly varied, making it extremely complicated and troublesome for warehouse distribution, loading and export declaration. Any carelessness will cause operate errors and result in unnecessary losses.

FIC Logistics has a noticeable number of customers which are foreign supermarkets, chain clubs, and chain gymnasiums and our warehouses can handle very complex cargo consolidation and unloading of goods. For example, we can skillfully complete collection of goods, statistics, reconciliation, secondary packaging, cargo fixation, and loading, for a container of goods that come from more than 200 suppliers. Our rich experience tells us that different goods shall be installed in the specific position of a container to avoid collision and damage the goods. We will strictly check with all suppliers for accurate names of goods, produce relevant declarations to ensure correct customs declaration which might result in detention or confiscation of goods.

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