Bentley Motors

FIC Logistics were much honored to work with this great company and we felt deeply the responsibility and mission when we received the air freight authorization of Bentley Motors. That was not an ordinary air freight transport, it is a responsibility and honor. 

Bentley goods were all plastic and metal parts sourced from various suppliers, its goods were of high value and easy to be deformed damaged, the packaging was very special and demanding. The original packaging of goods delivered to the warehouse was very large and varied in size, and its weight was much greater than the actual weight, which accordingly made the air transport cost extremely high (about 100CBM for each airlift). FIC Logistics team found after the cargo consolidation that the clearance between components would be made fully use of if the original packaging from various goods suppliers was dismantled and recombined. This would greatly reduce the total volume of goods and save the customer a lot of air freight charges. However, the actual operation was much more difficult, first, we had to consider the collocation between trays and cabin space depending on size of all accessories, it was necessary to ensure that the volume of re-packaged goods was in consistence with the size of the airline requirements, at the same time, the stability of the various accessories should be guaranteed and collision and squeezing between were expected to be avoided. It was indeed a great challenge. As approved by Bentley, the original packaging of all the goods was dismantled, and then reasonable arranged and repackaged. In order to save time, more than a dozen colleagues had to work overnight for ten hours in the warehouse and reduce the total merchandise volume from 125CBM reduced to 88CBM, thus reducing the transportation costs by a surprising 29.6% surprising. It was found by the recipient after they arrived at the destination port that the rate of spoiled products was almost zero! 

Highly praised our efficient service and amazed by our noble professionalism, Bentley was deeply impressed and that was a real win-win situation.

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