Safeguard legal IPR

If your brand and logo have not been registered with China customs for intellectual property rights, it is recommended that you do it as soon as possible, or else, you might find in several days or months that your brand is already registered by other people, and then it will be infringement if you export from China, you will regret it.

Our team is very professional in this respect. We have an in-depth knowledge of many government departments, and can consider and control from many links including China Trademark Office, China Customs, and foreign trade since we are familiar with relevant laws and regulations, which enables us to solve relevant problems for our clients. Over the years, we have helped customers solve numerous related issues and accumulated a wealth of experience. So we have an absolute advantage in this respect. This service is only open to our customers free of charge. The service includes:

1)  We will register the brand and logo provided, as well as the company that owns the brand (your company) with a trademark office in China. we have been maintaining a good cooperative relation with trademark offices in China so that the success rate of our registration is much higher than other service providers. We can analyze accurately and present impeccable solutions so that you will not be taken advantage of by other people since the selection of categories and details requires expertise and skills. 

2)  When your brand and logo are registered in a China trademark office, we will submit to China customs an application for intellectual property rights registration, after that, your brand and logo will be registered with China customs system. That means your brand will be protected by Chinese Intellectual Property Protection Law, if someone else copies your brand and export branded products from China, and they will be subject to detention and punishment by Chinese customs.

Why You Choose Us

We have rich experiences in Logistics and excellent services.
We also offer the best shipping service and the best solution that suited to your budget and requirements.
Above all we have strong local (China) strengths: good relationship with the shipping companies, with the customs,
with the warehouses and flexible operation for special shipments, etc.