Entrepot Trade Logistics

Each country, in order to protect the interests of local enterprises, has introduced a number of trade barriers to resist the exporting country with the increase of world trade year by year. Chinese products have been recognized by the rest of the world as the world's largest exporter, so the country has become the main target of anti-dumping by governments. The same product will face distinctly different customs policies when it is imported from China and imported from other countries. For this situation, FIC has developed re-export trade operations to avoid these problems so that customers all countries may smoothly purchase Chinese products. FIC has a strong network in Southeast Asia so it is capable of handling transport operations of this trade mode in a skilled and safe manner.

1. After the procurement of goods from China, we will arrange formal exports from China to a third-party country (mainly to Southeast Asian countries).

2. When the goods arrive in a third-party country, after formal customs clearance, containers will be transport to a designated warehouse, while a two-way shipment will be ordered at the same time (to the final destination country).

3. Container replacement and distribution and other operations will be completed in the warehouse and then loaded goods will be delivered to the wharf for formal export customs declaration, the whole operational process will take 3 to 7 working days.

4. After the completion of the above operations, corresponding documents (CO, FA and etc.) will be prepared, and finally sent to the customers of the destination country in conformity with their requirements for customs clearance.

This is the basic procedure of re-export trade which makes it possible for customers to smoothly purchase goods from China, and avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles in this process. FIC Logistics has many years of operational experience and can ensure the safety, legitimacy of goods and authenticity of documents in the transport process so that customers may have more choices and open up a greater trade market.

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