Container Loading Supervision

What is a Container Loading Supervision in China & Asia?

The Container Loading Supervision (CLS) will occur  right before the supplier  is expected to load the products for shipment; it is introduced to supervise over  the loading process. This Container Loading Supervision in China or anywhere in Asia takes place at the plant. It can also be established  at your forwarder's premises.

What do we check during a Container Loading Supervision?

Quantity check, packing list check, the container conditions, the loading process (cartons conditions, filling-up level etc), a quick look at the packaging & packing of your products.

If you need extensive Quality Control checks on product specifications in accordance with  AQL standards, you could also ask to perform a standard inspection, such as a Pre-shipment inspection or During-production inspection. 

What is the benefit of the Container Loading Supervision?

As your goods  will travel for days or weeks before they are delivered to the final destination, a Container Loading Supervision in China and Asia will guaranteed  your merchandises are loaded and packed efficiently and that cargos are not damaged during the shipment.   

Highlights of this Container Loading Supervision service

  § We provide the status of the container itself.

  § The right goods, no replacement of products possible.

  § The quantity of boxes is correct

  § The loading will be done with extreme care (limitation of broken merchandises due to loading).

  § The inspector will call the office so that you receive immediate feedback. If you read your e-mails quickly and have instructed your supplier to wait for your green light before shipping, you have an opportunity of stopping disasters.

  § The container is forwarded to your company.

  § We note if  a seal is affixed on the container.

  §  We perform a final check on packing.

Why should I book the CLS?

You don't expect  your cargos to be incorrectly loaded in a wet container with damaged cartons and broken products. Save time and effort and secure your imports with our Container Loading Supervision in China and Asia, while keeping pressure on your vendor to guarantee continual quality.

Options available

 §  Collection of samples

 §  Nighttime overtime

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