2014 World Championship

Before the World Cup in Brazil, SUNBOX, a telecom operator of Thailand acquired the exclusive broadcasting rights for the World Cup in Thailand, where there were a total of four major telecom operators, using different set-top boxes and broadcasting different programs, and they were not compatible with each other. To watch exciting World Cup games in time, many Thai families and individual users had to buy a SUNBOX set-top box. To meet the needs of the Thai market, SUNBOX bought 1.6 million set-top boxes from China and the shipping plan involved 80*40HQ. SUNBOX required printed World Cup logo and mascot on the set-top box, the biggest problem was that SUNBOX was not allowed for secondary authorization even it was entitled by FIFA, so it was not supposed to license the right to use the logo and mascot to Chinese factories, while according to Chinese customs requirements, the export of any goods, if its logo was registered, should be subject to the authorization of the registrant (World Cup logo and mascot were registered and archived in China), or the goods would be confiscated. The provision brought a major challenge for SUNBOX and Chinese factories. If the box did not have a printed logo, it would be very harmful to the publicity of SUNBOX in Thailand. But if it took the risk and exported, the goods could be forfeited by Chinese customs and irreparable big loss would be caused.

Our team discussed and formulated a solution to satisfy customer needs: Neutral packaging was used with no logo on the goods when it was produced in a Chinese plant. After customs declaration and exportation to Hong Kong, we would conduct secondary packaging in our Hong Kong warehouse and color boxes printed with the logo would cover the original packaging (because Hong Kong's a free trade port). It was reasonable and legitimate, not only avoided the risks, but also would not violate the Chinese customs laws, when goods arrived in Thailand, SUNBOX could also implement normal publicity and sales. Having confirmed the feasibility of the program once again, SUNBOX CASE awarded us the case. The goods were smoothly delivered after the four months of production period.

On June 12, 2014, 17:00 local time, we received a letter of praise from SUNBOX at the same time when the opening ceremony of the Brazil World Cup kicked off, and they highly affirmed and praised what we had done for the case

We are convinced that as long as we think from the perspective of our customers, we will know the customer's demands, and then find the best solution to provide customized services and to achieve a win-win situation ultimately.

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